Welcome to The 1000 Day Social Media, AI and Internet School

1000 days of expert Social Media, AI and general Internet training for under 4 cents a day

What is the 1000 day Social Media & Internet School?

We have 4 main things to offer you. 

1. A growing course designed to improve your social media, AI and internet skills. and/or

2. A daily tip to quickly use to improve on or make what you are doing faster and easier. and/or

3. 20 different communities based in different topics. Where you can meet people with similar interests and collaborate with them to get your content shared and seen more often. and/or

4. A chance to participate in campaigns.
We presume that you are here because you wish to learn new tools and strategies to reduce your time online and to become more effective.  
Or maybe to be part of one of our campaigns. 
The kind of thing I am talking about is the way that Facebook, Instagram and Threads for example have added at least 15 new features recently. And not many people are using them. 
Every social media place is constantly adding new things.
How AI has made it possible to get a lot more done each day in a fraction of the time.
As you can see there is a paid option for 3-4 cents a day. We would love you to pay as we have expenses but we are flexible. 
If you cannot afford that we also have a free option. This is an experiment as we intend running campaigns as a team of students. We do not want to restrict those who cannot afford the 3-4 cents a day from joining. 
This idea came from something I helped run in 2009. It was called Social Traffic. We got together an initial group of about 50 people of whom 5 became "teachers". We then expanded to 1000 and ran campaigns for good things. Like for Earth Day events. Every day there was fresh social media and internet education. 
Some people paid a little some did not. It worked out OK.
This kept going for about a year and worked great and some of us eventually formed a social media marketing agency for good causes.
This is an invite only thing so please apply. You will be given a skill score of 20-80 and we will work on filling your gaps and giving you tools and tricks to getting more done in much less time. 
There will be something each day for over 3 years. You will quickly feel yourself improving. If you want to move more quickly there is a full course gradually being added that you can put however much time you like into learning from
The basic plan will gradually rise in price as it will become more valuable as more people sign up. A crucial difference between this program and others is that we also help you get YOUR content shared and seen by a targeted audience.
Right now the cost is an early bird price of under 4 cents a day. You will able to choose from a range of options for how you access the daily information. 
Or just join for free if you wish. 
A number of different experts will be helping you raise your skill score.
So that is it. That is pretty much the pitch. No frills or gimmicks. 
Am happy to answer questions about what this is. Just message me on Instagram I am @michaelqtodd
I have been teaching social media and internet skills daily for 17 years now this will be everything I know and I have enlisted the help of others to teach too. 

So please join and try this out. There will be a lot of fresh education every day in various ways and regular calls on which you can ask questions.

Michael and our growing team of teachers and administrators.